The Universim – Alpha Demo (Steam)

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The Universim is an epic and easily accessible god sim in which you nurture the inhabitants of a small planetoid from the stone age to the space age.

We first featured The Universim on Alpha Beta Gamer way back in 2014 and were impressed with its unique take on the god sim genre. In the game you don’t interact with the population directly, so there’s no micromanaging individual citizens. Instead you choose what technology they research and what buildings they create depending on how you want the civilization to evolve.

You to nurture your civilization of ‘Nuggets’ as they go from inventing fire to launching spaceships and exploring other planets. It won’t all be plain sailing though, there will be wild animal attacks, deadly viruses, natural disasters, meteor attacks and the threat of war between cities. You have the power to help this fledgling civilization as it weathers the challenges, or if you’re feeling particularly wrathful you can wreak havok.

The newly released Alpha Demo of The Universim offers a small slice of this glorious godly simulation, with some of the advanced building functions locked off, but it gives a great feel of how the game plays. It’s very slick and easy to use, with you able influence the types of resources your Nuggets carry out and to dictate which useful structures they build. It’s a very chilled out and easily accessible take on the genre, with you able to shape the evolution of the civilization without having to micro-manage it. There’s no clicking on individual units and sending them for resources – if they need resources they’ll harvest it themselves, you just dictate what they’ll use them on.

Even in these early stages of development The Universim is an impressive game, with a great visual style and intuitive gameplay that offers a stress free way to flex your godly powers. A big and beautiful god sim, packed into tiny little procedurally generated planets.

You Can Pre-Purchase The Full Game For Access to the Full Alpha Here

Download The Universim Alpha Demo Here (Steam) or Here