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The Universim is a gorgeous new god sim that allows you to guide your civilisation from the stone age to the space age, exploring and conquering a multitude of vibrant, living procedurally generated planetoids across it’s massive Universe.

The Prototype is very early in development, so doesn’t give you access to any of the gameplay elements, but does allow you to explore one of it’s little planetoids and unearth a few hidden easter eggs.  The first thing you’ll notice about The Universim are those wonderful little planetoids.  They really are a joy to behold – perfect miniature ecosystems that evolve over time, bursting with life, dynamic weather effects and realistic natural processes.

In the full game you’ll be able to guide your civilisation from the dust to the stars.  You can’t command them as you would in an RTS, the AI makes it’s own decisions, but you can influence them, helping to become the best they can be.  You also have direct control of their progression and evolution, researching technologies and making crucial discoveries.

The Prototype may not give you access to any of your god-like powers, but it’ll certainly wet your appetite for future releases.  The Universim is shaping up to be a fantastic return to the glory days of god sims – we can’t wait to play around with more of those perfect little planets.

Note: use this serial key to activate – 7137-359ea-0296-bf5f6

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