The Unliving – Beta Demo

The Unliving features a fast paced blend of rogulite action RPG and RTS gameplay as a necromancer raises armies of undead minions and uses them to crush the puny humans in their way.

In The Unliving you are a necromancer who sets out to purge the land of the humans who have corrupted the land. You have fairly limited combat skills yourself, but you can also raise the dead and get them to fight on your side. There are various different types of undead minion you can use and you can command them to do as you wish as you purge the land of humanity.

The demo build of The Unliving is a lot of fun and offers a nice amount of challenge. The pixel art visuals are excellent, it has a lot of replayability and being able to turn the corpses of your enemies into allies is a very enjoyable gameplay mechanic. It’s quite easy to command your horde to do your bidding and you really need to be a little tactical about it rather than just making them charge at your enemies. Your horde may be undead, but they’re not invincible!

Download The Unliving Beta Demo Here (Steam)