The Upturned – Beta Demo

The Upturned is a delightfully weird physics-based horror puzzle platforming adventure where you check-in to a hotel in the afterlife and have perilous encounters with its monstrous residents!

Currently in development by Zeekerss (creator of Dead Seater and It Steals), The Upturned is a silly and spooky horror adventure set in a massive towering hotel in the afterlife. You are a new resident in the hotel and after checking in, you then set off to find your room (somewhere on the 1343rd floor). However, the elevator is a little temperamental and keeps breaking down on different floors. When this happens you’ll need to venture out, find a spare fuse and take it back to the elevator. Unfortunately for you, there are also other guests staying at the hotel, and they’re really not very friendly!

The demo build of The Upturned features a large intro area and the first four levels of the game. It’s got a wonderfully anarchic sense of humor, fun characters and a nice mixture of monsters. Each of the levels does a good job of shaking up the gameplay, and the monsters require different tactics to deal with them. The jumping and character movement is oddly fast, but you do get used to it and it manages to be very funny, while still having very tense moments. A spooky hotel horror game that you’ll never want to leave. Highly recommended.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Upturned Beta Demo Here (Steam)