The Vaultshifter – Game Jam Build Download

vaultshifter download

The Vaultshifter is a unique puzzler made for the Ludum Dare 35 challenge, in which you play as a shapeshifting wizard, seeking revenge on the evil TrustBank for stealing your most precious possession.

The Vaultshifter utilises the theme of LD35 (shapeshifting) absolutely perfectly. You run around a beautifully created and vibrant world, using your magic to save objects to your item bar. With these saved objects you can transform into perfect copies of that object, making the puzzles a bit more complex and open than they first seem and allowing for multiple different ways to retrieve your precious item.

The graphical design of The Vaultshifter is a breath of fresh air, using a cheerful array of bright colours to liven up the gameplay. The sprites of the characters and objects are very well done, showing a joyous undertone to the game. However it seems most of the people in this universe are quite unhappy with life in general, showing a more bleak outlook on the world you’re playing in (though maybe that’s the greedy bank’s fault!)

With the multiple different ways to gain access to your precious item, the game is rather enjoyable and well worth playing through multiple times to try different methods (like a super cheery and colourful Hitman game!).  All in all The Vaultshifter is a beautifully done, highly enjoyable experience that people will love from the word go.

Download the The Vaultshifter Game Jam Build Here (Windows only)