The Very Organised Thief – Prototype Download

The very organised theif

Now on Kickstarter, The Very Organised Thief is a first person thief simulator that sets you loose in an unsuspecting families house and gives you a random list of loot to find and steal.

A lot of the items you need to steal can be found lying around the house, but the more valuable stuff is hidden away in nooks and crannies or under lock and key.  You’ll have to be careful when poking around the house though, the owners won’t stand for you nicking their stuff – get caught and you’ll be beaten black and blue.  Manage to escape the house and you’ll be get a score, a thief rating and un uncontrollable urge to try again.

The Very Organised Thief has just Started a Kickstarter campaign, and promises to greatly expand on the premise of the prototype.  So if you fancy contributing some of your ill-gotten gains, check out the campaign!

Visit the Official Website HERE

Check out the Kickstarter HERE

Play in a Unity supported browser or download the prototype HERE