The Vrennman Case – Alpha Demo

The Vrennman Case is a wonderfully witty adventure game that sees you and the ghost of your newly deceased companion solving puzzles and uncovering the secrets of a demonic cult.

In The Vrennman Case you take control of John and Ellen, freelancing ghost-hunters whose investigations have taken them to the Vrennman Mansion – a place filled with dark magic and darker secrets. While investigating the mansion you take a massive fall and land in an old library. By a large stroke of luck John survives the fall, but Ellen isn’t quite as lucky, swiftly dying and coming back as a ghost.

To escape the library you’ll have to investigate it, discover its secrets and solve puzzles. Being alive, John does most of the work, but the fact that Ellen is dead doesn’t mean that she can’t aid your investigations, in fact her new ghostly powers can come in handy for talking to spirits and accessing walled off areas.

The current build of The Vrennman Case takes around 25 minutes to play through and really impresses with its high quality pixel artwork, interesting narrative, well crafted puzzles and witty dialogue between the characters. A spooky spirit-filled puzzle adventure where dying is no reason to give up your investigation!

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Vrennman Case Alpha Demo Here (Windows)