The Wall Shall Stand – Prototype Download

the wall shall stand game

The Wall Shall Stand is a stylish BAFTA nominated blend of Pikmin and politics in which you attempt to incite a political revolution in an oppressed city.

In The Wall Shall Stand you a single activist who wants to incite a crowd to overthrow an oppressive regime. To do this you must put up posters in busy areas that will help convert people to your cause (turning them blue), then you can get them to follow you by shouting through your megaphone.

Amass enough followers and you can start destroying the giant statues that are scattered around the map – each of which requires a different amount of followers. You’ll have to be careful all the while during your political activism though, as guards patrol the area, and will happily beat you up for your anti-state activism.

The Wall Shall Stand has unfortunately been cancelled so this will be the final build. You can complete the game though, it just has a few rough edges and some gameplay elements that don’t seem to of been fully implemented (such as the mysterious machines and the rather anticlimactic ending). But it’s a fun little game, with a great visual style and some enjoyable people herding gameplay. Viva la revolution!

Download The Wall Shall Stand Prototype Here (Windows – Requires Controller)