The Well – Game Jam Build Download

Some games bring you on a strange journey, captivating you as you try to figure out what happens next. The Well is an abstract adventure game where wild stuff just seems to keep happening, without any explanation.

At first, The Well looks pretty simple. There is just a blank world, with a single well in the middle and a coin sitting on the side. With nothing else to interact with, it only makes logical sense to toss a coin into the well. This almost acts like the starting point of the game, where suddenly a giant head appears, crying coins. What happens from here on in can depend on your actions. Maybe the head will morph into vomiting humans who lay eggs or maybe you’ll enter the head’s mouth and be transported to a strange world where you’re chased by a giant. There are multiple endings depending on your actions in this strange, surreal world.

Yeah, that’s a lot to unpack. The developer has stated this is a game about nothing and that different worlds don’t need closure or a meaning, so you can take what you want from it. It’s one of those games that you’ll think about for a while after, as it’s just so odd and abstract. A surreal puzzle adventure where each new scene is filled with bizarre oddities to marvel at.

Download The Well Here (Windows Only)