The White Diner – Game Jam Build

The White Diner is a short and surreal first person experience where you stop at a diner for some pancakes, but god knows what they’re laced with!

There’s a surreal Twin Peaks-esque vibe to the odd little diner you stop at for a bit to eat in The White Diner. Your server isn’t very talkative but he sure can fix up some pancakes. However, after scoffing them down, things start to get very weird. Perhaps the pancakes are laced with LSD or perhaps you’ve opened a door into another dimension, but either way you go for a short journey along a long corridor full of surreal sights and abstract art.

It only takes around five minutes to play through The White Diner and it’d be nice to see more of its bizarre warped world but it’s a fantastic little experience from start to finish. It’s got a unique blend of uneasy horror, mind bending architecture and surreal artwork that makes for a creepy but fascinating experience. What the hell was in those pancakes though?

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The White Diner Here (Windows & Mac)

2 thoughts on “The White Diner – Game Jam Build”

  1. hey, thanks for the review!
    is it alright for me to quote a part of it on the game’s page? and if so, can i use your site logo underneath to show who wrote it, or just use text?

    • Hi! You’re welcome! It’s a great game! Sure, feel free to use any quotes and the logo. Thanks! :)

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