The Wild at Heart – Beta Demo

The Wild at Heart is a charming hand drawn adventure game where a couple of kids find themselves in a magical woodland world full of secrets, puzzles and oddball characters.

In The Wild at Heart two young kids who are fleeing hardship are transported to a magical woodland world full of quirky characters and small Pikmin-esque creatures called Spritelings. The world is watched over by an order of guardians, but they’ve lost their way and evil is starting to creep into the forest – particularly during the nighttime when you’ll want to stay near a campfire to stave off the darkness.

You are equipped with your trusty Gustbuster vacuum cleaner, which you can use to hoover up and interact with objects in the forest. You will also amass a small army of Pikmin-esque Spritelings – hardy little creatures that you can order to carry out tasks and attack enemies.

It’s a wonderfully whimsical game with a beautiful hand drawn art style inventive puzzle design and lots of delightfully weird people to meet. There is a little darkness underneath, but mostly it’s a heartwarming adventure with a cheerful art style, gameplay and characters that makes you smile.

Download The Wild at Heart Beta Demo Here (Steam)