The Wild Eight – Pre-Alpha Demo

the wild eight game

The Wild Eight is a stylish supernatural survival adventure game that tells the story of eight survivors that have to survive in a remote forest in Alaska after being stranded there by a horrific plane crash.

Playable with up to 8 other layers in online co-op, you must explore the wilderness, scavenge supplies and craft items to stand and chance of survival in this harsh environment. The world is procedurally generated, but there’s also an intriguing story and that there’s far more to be scared of lurking in the darkness than a few wild animals – there are creatures out there that definitely don’t belong in this world.

The Wild Eight Alpha Demo doesn’t feature the story, multiple characters or multiplayer support, but it does offer a great glimpse at the core survival-based gameplay and stylish visuals of the full game. You’ll need some skill to survive, but the crafting UI already feels very intuitive and the visual design is excellent – to call it low poly is probably doing it a disservice, but it’s got a cool high definition low poly look about it that really impresses.

There are quite a few survival games on the market now, but after sampling the delights Alpha Demo build of The Wild Eight it’ll certainly will wet your appetite for the full game – we can’t wait to see what it’s like with 8 people trying to survive in this icy tundra.

Check Out The Kickstarter & Download The Wild Eight Pre-Alpha Demo Here