The Will – Game Jam Build Download

The Will is a creepy first person horror adventure where you explore your recently deceased grandfather’s house and discover some very dark secrets.

You start The Will in the study of your recently departed grandfather’s home. He’s left you a letter which hints that his soul may not yet have left this world and he has summoned something from another world which is now trapped somewhere in a hidden underground area of the mansion. Now might be a good time to just leave and forget all of this or you may inexplicably want to delve deeper…

The Will has a few idiosyncrasies that make it a little hard to get to grips with initially – you’re given multiple different light sources for no apparent reason, doors have secondary latches on them that are easy to miss and it can be hard to figure out what you’re supposed to do at times. That said, it is an interesting and unique little horror game with a great sense of atmosphere and some fun twists. The ending feels very abrupt, but on the whole it’s a great little horror adventure well worth delving into.

Download The Will Here (Windows)