The Wit.nes – Alpha Demo

the Wit nes download

The Wit.nes is a fantastic game that squashes Jonathan Blow’s island puzzling masterpiece, The Witness, in an 8bit NES rom, and amazingly the gameplay is largely unchanged from the original.

The current Alpha Demo of The Wit.nes 32 unique puzzles, split into three different puzzle types as seen in The Witness. Those who have played The Witness previously will know what’s required to solve the puzzles, but for those who who haven’t, The Wit.nes does a great job of teaching you as you play (much like the original). But either way we’d highly recommend it you’ve not yet sampled the delights of The Witness or have completed it and are looking for another quick fix of those excellent grid-based puzzles.

What’s amazing about The Wit.nes is that even though it runs using the restrictions of hardware that’s over 30 years old, the core gameplay and puzzles are pretty much unchanged from Jonathan Blow’s epic puzzler that was released this year. It’s still early in development, but we can’t wait to see more of this perfect 8-bit homage to a perfect open world puzzler.

Download The Wit.nes Here (Win, Mac & Linux – via emulator)