The Witch Tree – Game Jam Build Download

the witch tree game

The Witch Tree, a story driven game made for the QUILTBAG Jam, has you seeking revenge for the murder of two lovers.

A man and his lover were hanged in a small town for witchcraft. As they were being hung, the man passed on his sperm to a plant. This plant then grew into a magical tree that can walk around a scream. Now, you must go around the town taking revenge for the man’s life being taken so soon.

As you go from area to area, you must corner villagers and scream at them. This scream is so ear-piercing that it will cause them to die. Once dead, their souls will float around you, glowing slightly as you walk. Other objects like straw dolls also dot around the town. If you pick up these it will give you a snapshot into the man’s life. These glimpses and bits of story really add to the game, giving you more knowledge on what is going on and why you are on this quest. This man’s life clearly should not have been taken.  Take revenge, gather souls, and use them to help these souls rest in peace.

Note: This game contains explicit content.

Download The Witch Tree Here (Win only)