The World Begins With You – Game Jam Build

The World Begins with You, a beautiful, mysterious Journey-esque adventure game made for the Wizard Jam 6, sees you exploring the ruins of a seemingly long forgotten world.

In The World Begins with You you have wake up in a prison cell. You don’t have any memory of why you are here or what has happened, but that doesn’t seem to matter as you are set free. Unsure of what is beyond the prison, you must explore and try to find your way home. This world is unlike the world you remember – there are floating light figures, strange markings faded onto walls, and an unknown language you can barely read carved into bits of rock.

The World Begins with You is a slow paced game, giving you time to explore and solve puzzles as you discover them. Some puzzles are quite easy – light that needs to be read and mazes to find your way though. Others are much more challenging; dodging laser beams, fog that blocks your vision and long paths you need to attempt to find.

The atmosphere in The World Begins with You is very well developed – feeling mysterious and sometimes slightly creepy as you explore the mysterious ruins of the ancient land. It’s a fascinating place that seems too quiet, too empty, and almost haunted. Will you uncover the mysteries it holds?

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The World Begins with You Here (Windows & Mac)