The Wreck – Beta Demo

The Wreck is a beautiful and poignant narrative-driven adventure where an emotionally numb 36 year old wrestles with a very important decision, works through her trauma and has a car crash.

In The Wreck you step into the shoes of Junon, a 36 year old woman whose life is a bit of a wreck. Her career has stalled, her personal life is a shambles and she has very little relationship with her estranged mother. Unfortunately her mother has suffered a brain haemorrhage, and even if she recovers, there’s very little chance she’ll ever be the same again. It’s now up to Junon to choose the fate of her mother – will she keep her alive or allow her to die with dignity?

Throughout the course of the game you’ll relive Junon’s memories, with you able to fast forward and rewind through them, discovering more details as you do so. As these progress you’ll learn more about Junon, her deep-seated trauma and her relationship with her mother. Some of this will help inform Junon on the decision her mother would want to make. A lot of this occurs as your life flashes in-front of you while having a large car crash as you speed away from the hospital.

The writing is excellent and it’s a beautiful looking game, with a very unique art style. As a main protagonist, Junon feels a little unlikeable and self-centred at first, but no doubt players will warm to her a little as they discover what caused her to be that way. It’s shaping up to be a very powerful narrative experience where the past will have a direct effect on the present. Highly recommended.

Download The Wreck Beta Demo Here (Steam)