The Zebra Man! – Alpha Demo

The Zebra Man! is a Hotline Miami inspired top-down brawler where a muscle-bound test subject with a zebra mask goes on a bloodletting rampage.

In The Zebra Man! you are an unwilling test subject that’s being experimented on by a nefarious organisation. You’re pretty tough and can kill enemies with just one punch, though your favourite weapon is a chainsaw. One day while chilling in your cell, a fourth wall-breaking cosplayer with a racoon mask helps break you out of your cell and you embark on an adventure that will leave lots of dead bodies in your wake.

The gameplay in The Zebra Man! is quite similar to Hotline Miami, but there are some significant differences. There are very few weapons (only one chainsaw in the demo), so timing of your punches is critical if you want to survive. You can take three hits before dying and if you kill five enemies in a row without being hit you can go on a rampage (which grants invulnerability and allows you to move faster). Also, in the full game there will be lots of minigames that can often switch the perspective of the game to side on or even 3D.

It’s a fun game with a nice sense of humor, plenty of violence and some clever ideas that should make it quite a different experience from the likes of Hotline Miami. Time to don that zebra mask and start punching bad guys!

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download the Zebra Man! Alpha Demo Here (Windows)