The Zombie Food Truck – Student Project Game

The Zombie Food Truck is a fast paced little business management game in which you have to feed your customers, but have to feed on your customers too!

In the The Zombie Food Truck you play an entrepreneurial zombie who is running a simple, but popular burger van. You take your customers orders, cook up their food then serve them before they run out of patience and are rewarded with some cash that will go towards your goal for the day.

Once you get into a rhythm of cooking and serving you can leave your customers happy and they’ll leave you with some nice cash to buy upgrades. However, you are a zombie, and zombies need sustenance. Every action you perform uses up some of your energy and if your energy runs out you’ll stop doing any work. The only way to keep your energy up is to grab and slaughter the occasional customer, then dispose of them on special cleaning mats. You have to be tactical when to kill your customers though – some customers pay you more than others and if any other customers catch you in the act you then they’ll run away.

It’s a simple, but fun little game with a wonderfully macabre concept and addictive, fast paced gameplay. A zombie fast food restaurant simulator well worth taking a bite out of.

Play The Zombie Food Truck Here (Browser)