Theatre One For The Dreamer – Game Jam Build

Theatre One For The Dreamer is a short and stylish PSX-era styled experience that sees you exploring three movie themed dream worlds.

Drawing inspiration from the 1998 PSX game LSD: Dream Emulator, Theatre One For The Dreamer sees you exploring three dreams within a game that you’ve loaded into your ‘JStation’ game console. The dreams are based on cult classic films (Evil Dead, Blade Runner and The Thing), with each one recreating locations from the movie in glorious PSX era low poly visuals.

Each movie based dream is fairly short and the gameplay is pretty simple (you just search for a key item from the movies to move onto the next one), but the visuals and atmosphere are superb. It’d be nice to see the dream worlds expanded on (particularly the Evil Dead one), but as it stands Theatre One For The Dreamer is still a great little experience that does a fantastic job of recreating the atmosphere of the movies it’s mimicking. A short and stylish trip into three cult classic movies.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download Theatre One For The Dreamer Here (Windows)