Them & Us – Alpha Demo

Them & Us is a creepy Resident Evil 4-esque old school third person survival horror game set in 1978, that sees you playing the lone survivor of a bus crash who ends up walking into a zombie infested nightmare.

In Them & Us you take on the role of Alicia, a young woman with a dark past, who finds herself fighting for her life against an army of zombies after her bus crashes in the middle of nowhere. A graveyard may not be the first choice of placed to seek refuge, but it’s all that’s’ around and you’ll have to scavenge resources, blast zombies and solve puzzles to survive.

Them & Us feels very much like a love letter to classic survival horror games, with scarce resources, slow moving zombies and “place X item into Y object! Style puzzles. In fact there are even a few nods to classic games, with the game being set in “Silent Grove” and a familiar looking mansion being visible through the gates of the graveyard.

It could do with giving the player a little more direction as you can end up wandering around with no idea what to do sometimes and it’d be nice if zombies were more affected by your gunshots. It’s a promising game though, with a great sense of atmosphere and some interesting twists along the way. Well worth checking out for a fun slice of old school zombie blasting survival horror.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Them & Us Alpha Demo Here (Steam)