There is No Light – Kickstarter Demo

There is No Light is a beautifully animated dark fantasy action RPG set in a deeply religious post-apocalyptic underground world filled with grotesque monsters and abominations of nature.

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer back in May, There is No Light is a pixel art action RPG set in a post-apocalyptic world where humanity now lives underground and is ruled by a dark cult called the Church of the Great Hand. Every few years emissaries of the Church visit your settlement and take newborn children away back to their sanctuary. This year they took your child, so you set out on a journey to bring him back.

The world of There is No Light is vast, non-linear and filled with horrifying monsters to slay and interesting NPCs to meet. The combat is more Soulsian than hack ‘n slash, with even basic enemies offering a challenge and a nice variety of weapons, attacks and abilities at your disposal. The decisions you make as you make your way through the world also really matter – they’ll shape the world and yourself.

Even in its current state it’s a very polished experience with high quality pixel art animation and a well implemented combat system. The world of There is No Light is the real star of the show though – it’s a fascinating place to explore and you’re never sure what new abominations of nature you’ll come across next as you traverse the decaying ruins of its underground civilization. Highly recommended.

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