There Might Be Ponds – Prototype Download

There Might Be Ponds is a charming low poly adventure with tactile puzzles and quirky characters in a strange and beautiful garden.

In There Might Be Ponds you control an odd little character who looks a little like a fish with legs, who is in search of a pond. You soon come across a large open garden full of friendly characters to talk to and some fun puzzles to solve. It’s a very odd, but very pleasant place to hang out in and there’s a lot to discover in the garden and the surrounding area (above and below).

Your interactions with objects and puzzles in There Might Be Ponds is done in a very tactile way, with you using the left and right analog sticks to grab onto objects and then push, pull or rotate them in different directions. It’s a fun mechanic that gives a nice physicality to your interactions in the game world and is used in some very inventive ways along your journey.

It may be a prototype, but other than some minor audio issues it’s a pretty polished experience and takes around 40 minutes to play through. It’s a charming, colorful and very weird little adventure that goes to some very weird and wonderful places along the way. A delightful dreamlike adventure in a marvellous magical garden. Highly recommended.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The There Might Be Ponds Prototype Here (Windows – Control Pad Only)