There Was the Moon – Alpha Demo

There Was the Moon is an eerie dream-like Sci-Fi adventure where you explore a strange monument and complete a mysterious ritual to form an interspecies pact with ancient beings.

Currently in development by Ben Lapid, creator of Otherside, There Was the Moon is a beautiful exploration adventure set within an ancient monument created by otherworldly beings. As you explore you’ll solve puzzles, learn more about the monument’s true purpose and gather the items required to complete a ritual which will allow you reform an interspecies pact with the beings which was broken long ago.

The current demo build of There Was the Moon takes around 30 minutes to play through and features a nice mixture of exploration and puzzle solving. There’s a lot to discover as you explore the monument and there’s a Myst-esque element to the puzzles, with you experimenting and paying close attention to environmental clues to figure them out.

It’s a captivating experience exploring the monument. There’s a dream-like, otherworldly feeling to the game as you unravel the secrets of the ancient place. The lore is very intriguing and there are some truly awe inspiring sights, with the lighting effects in some areas being particularly mesmerizing. Highly recommended.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The There Was the Moon Alpha Demo Here (Windows)