There’s Poop In My Soup – Prototype Download

there's poop in my soup

There’s Poop in My Soup is a ridiculously childish, but ultimately fun precision pooping game in which you must poop on objects, food and people from a balcony.

Quite why you’re on this pooping rampage is unclear at the moment, but all that walk below you can suffer your poop throwing wrath – from a poor man quietly eating some soup (which you can poop into) to a parent and her infant child.  You have a ‘To Poop List’ which gives you a list of objectives to fulfil – complete these and you’ll unlock new perks such as more pedestrians, more poops and ultimately ‘The Bomb’.  As far as pooping-on-people games go, There’s Poop in My Soup is not as great as Muddy Heights (which we’d highly recommend),  but it’s still fun and is still very early in development, so there’s plenty of time for improvement.

As you’d expect from a poop throwing game, the humor isn’t exactly highbrow, but pooping on people from a great height does raise a smile. Sure, it’s pretty childish – but poop is always funny!

Download The There’s Poop In My Soup Prototype Here (Win & Mac)

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  1. This game is so funny and cute I can’t wait to see what else is thought up for this game!

    I did a lets play of the game if anyone is curious! I creep around sites like this often so if you want to see fun indie games check out my channel and maybe even subscribe!

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