Theropods – Kickstarter Demo

Theropods is a fun little wordless point and click adventure where a cavewoman uses her brains to tackle puzzles where her fellow cavemen (unsuccessfully) use their brawn.

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer back in 2015 when it was a game jam prototype, Theropods is a pixel art point and click adventure that follows a red haired cavewoman as she searches for help to free her people from bloodthirsty barbarians. On your journey you’ll solve puzzles and use the environment to your advantage while the narrative plays out without a single word being spoken (just some caveman style grunts). The game promises a touch of Sci-Fi too, with you running into a mysterious spaceman who has crash-landed on Earth.

The current Kickstarter demo takes around 15 minutes to play through and sees you attempting to hunt down a dinosaur. You’re accompanied by a couple of musclebound cavemen whose attempts at catching the dino are fruitless, but they can be handy if you use your brains to channel their brawn. The puzzles are well crafted and logical, with you using objects you find in the environment and a little help from your fellow cavemen to get the best of your prey.

It’s an impressive game, with high quality pixel art animation, an interesting prehistoric game world and clever puzzle design. It does a great job of feeling like a classic 90’s point and click adventure, while still feeling fresh and modern. A delightful dino adventure well worth delving into.

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Download The Theropods Kickstarter Demo Here (Windows)