These Doomed Isles – Beta Sign Up

These Doomed Isles is a roguelite city-building game with deck-building elements, where you harvest cards and use them to build settlements on islands in the sea.

In These Doomed Isles you will choose to play as one of three gods, each with unique cards, and you attempt to build island settlements and protect them from invaders. You can use your cards to raise land from the sea and place useful structures, such as farms, factories, fortifications and trees. As you progress you’ll unlock more advanced buildings, but you’ll also have to deal with boats full of invading warriors.

It’s a very unique take in the city-building genre, with easily accessible and addictive gameplay that will keep you coming back for more. See if you can stave off the impending doom of your island civilizations in These Doomed Isles.

To sign up for the These Doomed Isles Beta just join the official Discord group. Everyone who joins before February 10th will automatically get a a Beta key when the Beta starts.

There’s Also a Demo Available to Download on Steam