Theseus – Game Jam Build Download


Theseus is a very cleverly designed puzzle platformer in which you can grow, change and leave some things behind – much like life, but with levels designed by a genius!

Theseus may look pretty basic, but once you start playing you’ll be hooked by it’s ingenious block building gameplay mechanics and brilliant level design. In it you play a block who can grow, split and re-join by using the various power-ups that are scattered around the levels. You can’t jump, so the only way to make your way over obstacles is to manipulate your shape into the correct form, and you also have to plan so that your character stands on the final goal correctly.

It sounds a little complicated, but it’s remarkably intuitive and the level design throughout is fantastic, especially the way each shape you finish with is the same one you start with on the next level. Theseus is a remarkable bit of game design that will have you hooked as soon as you add your first block. Highly recommended.

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