theWanderer – Prototype Download


theWanderer is a beautiful NaisanceE-inspired exploration game in which you explore visions of huge sci-fi mega-structures and an alien world as you dip in and out of consciousness.

NaisanceE certainly has some talented fans, this is the second of the games we’ve featured recently that’s drawn inspiration from it (the first being VoyageE).  The architecture may not be quite as visually striking as VoyageE at the moment, but there’s more gameplay and a proper narrative in theWanderer, elevating it to more than a ‘walking simulator’ (though we hate to use that term).

There’s a lot to take in as you explore the beautiful, minimalistic world of theWanderer – huge mega-structures, alien planets and even some platforming sections.  As you switch between different states of consciousness, you’ll explore huge mega-structures, talk to a spaceship and a have visions of a barren alien planet.

It doesn’t spell it out for you, but the symbolism and dialogue throughout help you piece together theWanderer‘s story.  Even in these early stages of development, it’s a captivating experience, we can’t wait to see what else developer Douglasian adds to it in the future.

Check out a Playthrough HERE

Download the theWanderer Prototype HERE (Windows Only)