They Always Run – Open Alpha

They Always Run is a beautifully animated cinematic action platforming adventure where a three armed bounty hunter chases down the most elusive cut-throats in the galaxy.

Currently in development by Alawar (creators of Beholder), They Always Run is a cinematic action adventure where you step into the shoes of a hardened three-armed mutant bounty hunter. You earn a living by hunting down the most dangerous criminals in the galaxy, but it’s not all about the money – it seems that you’re searching for someone and seeking revenge.

The current build of They Always Run features around 30 minutes of gameplay and sees you attempting to catch a bounty called “The Rat”. The gameplay features a nice mixture of platforming and melee-focused combat. The combat is a lot of fun, with you able to attack, dodge, counter and make use of your third arm to devastating effect. The platforming is perhaps the highlight, with your agile bounty hunter able to speedily jump, climb and roll as he scales buildings set in front of some beautiful backdrops.

It’s a very impressive game with some stunning artwork, fast paced action platforming gameplay and engaging combat. There are some times when the combat doesn’t feel quite as fluid as it could do, but there’s a good chance that will be remedied as you unlock new upgrades in the full game. Successfully pulling off a counter is particularly enjoyable and your third arm is used in some creative ways throughout. Highly recommended.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The They Always Run Alpha Here (Click “Request Access”)