They Came First – Game Jam Build Download

They Came First is stylish, surreal and a very intense third person adventure where you help an egg traverse a deadly psychedelic lucid dream horror synthscape.

Created for the Scream Machine game jam, They Came First is a truly bizarre experimental horror game where an egg with legs makes its way through a mechanized hellscape where everything wants to kill you. You control the little egg as it shuffles around the nightmarish industrial landscape, solving minor puzzles and avoiding the traps and terrifying mechanical sentinels that will break you if you attract their attention.

It’s not perfect – the egg’s movement is a little cumbersome, checkpoints are few and far between and some camera angles can make it a little hard to see there you’re going. However, if you can persevere with They Came First then you’re in for a treat. It’s a very intense and unique game with some superb audio/visual design, and while the camera angles do make it hard to see at times, they make for a very cinematic experience.

Oddly enough maneuvering your little egg through the mechanical hellscape makes for a very tense and terrifying adventure. It does have a few frustrations, but the architecture, art style and atmosphere more than make up for them. The egg came before the chicken, but it had to endure a lot to do so! Highly recommended.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download They Came First Here (Windows)