They Look Strange And Have To Die – Game Jam Build Download

They Look Strange and Have to Die

They Look Strange And Have To Die is a fun turn based roguelike first person dungeon crawler/shooter made for the 7DRL Challenge, in which you crash land on an alien planet and must blast your way past aliens as you attempt to find a portal to take you home.

You’re stranded on a strange planet full of hostile aliens that you have crashed landed onto. You need to find your way home, but to do so you must destroy the aliens around you to unlock a portal that will take you closer to home. You must use your different weapons to attack aliens, but depending by their size and how far away you are, you’ll be given a percentage that indicates how likely you are to hit them. You need to pay attention to this, as you have limited ammo. You can find ammo around the planet, but this ammo can be for weapons you don’t have (but can pick up, if you find them).

Your inventory is very limited, so make sure to check it often and use up things that you have picked up like fruits or syringes. Fruit can poison you or increase your health and syringes can do nothing or improve your skills. Improving your skills will really help you as you make it through more portals. There are plenty of aliens to destroy, so becoming accurate at shooting and carrying more objects really helps.

They Look Strange And Have To Die is a very well made roguelike, with a variety of aliens, weapons, and quite a bit of challenge intertwined in the stylish low rez world you explore. See if you can shoot yourself home and away from these strange creatures!

Download They Look Strange And Have To Die Here (Win, Mac, & Linux)