They Mean Well – Game Jam Build

they mean well

They Mean Well, a game made for the Perma Death Jam, is all about balancing life, with you playing the planet Earth, protecting and nurturing the growth of humanity (even if humanity doesn’t always have your best interests in mind.)

It puts you in charge of the earth, with a planet with a charmingly naive outlook on life and an ability to use its atmospheric shield to protect humanity from comets that are flying around in space. This shield starts off pretty big, but can become smaller if the earth becomes overpopulated. Some comets cause disease and anger, while others put new life, inspiration, or drop resources down to earth.

A bar at the top of the screen shows the “sweet spot” for human progression throughout the levels of this game. Humanity progresses as their technology advances, which then allows the earth to hold more population. If the population gets too big, the humans start hurting the planet by using up too many of its resources. On the other hand, if the population of earth is too low, they are unable to advance. If humanity dies out or over uses the earth, the game is over.

It’s a delicate balancing act as you help humanity age through 300 levels in this well made game.  Try not to make humanity go the way of the dinosaurs!

Play They Mean Well in a Unity Supported Browser HERE