Thirsty Suitors – Beta Demo

Thirsty Suitors is a gloriously weird skateboarding dating sim with RPG style turn-based combat, where a young woman returns to her hometown and has to fend off lots of thirsty suitors.

In Thirsty Suitors you follow the adventure of Jala – a young bisexual woman who is struggling to find direction in her life and has recently broken up with her girlfriend. She now travels back to her hometown where she’ll try to reconcile with her friends, family and thirsty ex’s via a mixture of skateboarding, cooking and turn-based combat.

The demo build of Thirsty Suitors features one skateboarding section and one turn-based battle. Both of which are heavily narrative-driven and allow you to get to know more about Jala’s life. The skateboarding section is fairly short and linear, but it’s entertaining and has plenty of visual flair. Meanwhile, the turn-based battle is much longer and sees you facing off against a wonderfully over-the-top ex as you attempt to thwart his advances.

It’s a fun game with an exuberant energy, quirky characters and vibrant visuals. The turn-based combat has some wonderfully over the top moves and plenty of depth, whilst still managing to move the narrative along. It’s got a genuinely diverse and interesting cast of characters too so it’ll be fun to get to know them more in the full game.

Download Thirsty Suitors Beta Demo Here (Steam)