This Bed We Made – Beta Demo

This Bed We Made is a third person mystery thriller where choices matter as a nosey maid makes a startling discovery while cleaning a room.

In This Bed We Made you are a maid whose job is to clean the rooms of a 1950s hotel. However, you also like to snoop around a guest’s rooms a little and one day you discover that one of the guests seems to be stalking you. Pictures and evidence that he’s been following you litter his room. Time to investigate and find out what’s going on.

The current demo build of This Bed We Made is fairly short, but it shows a lot of promise. The detective gameplay is well thought out, with you able to piece together clues and solve puzzles. The decisions you make can have a real impact on how the story unfolds and the character animation and voice acting really bring your troubled maid to life. A very well maid mystery adventure!

Download The This Bed We Made Beta Demo Here (Steam)