This Box Conveys People – Game Jam Build Download

This Box Conveys People is a short narrative-driven experience where you and a couple of other damned souls descend down the depths of the “Crevice” where you’ll work the rest of your lives to pay off your unresolved debt.

In This Box Conveys People you have just been sentenced to go mining down at the bottom of a vast crevice to pay off your unresolved debts. However, a quick look at your new employment contract soon lets you know that there’s no way you’ll ever work off your debt and you’ll spend the rest of your life down there. The elevator trip down to the bottom of the crevice takes some time though, allowing you to get to know to other new employees. Your situation is dire, but there are still options open to you and your travelling companions – until the elevator reaches the bottom and you sign the contract then your fate is still in your hands…

It takes around 10 minutes to play through This Box Conveys People and there are multiple endings depending on your choices. None of the endings are what you would call “happy”, but some offer a tiny bit more hope than others. When trying to persuade someone to do something you’ll stand a better chance of succeeding if you’ve been making the right dialogue choices and keeping your “face” value high (which basically boils down to “don’t be an asshole and people will listen to you”).

It’s a powerful little experience with a great visual style, an interesting lore and a very dark, doom-laden atmosphere. The crevice is a forsaken place that will squeeze every last bit of life and hope from all of those who go down there. Those who reach the bottom will never see the sun again. Enjoy the ride, it’s likely to be your last!

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