This House is Not a Home – Alpha Demo

This House is Not a Home is a very stylish psychological horror game where an office worker is confronted by a horned monster that attacks his insecurities.

Still images of This House is Not a Home make it look like a PC-98 era visual novel, but in reality all the scenes are 3D and you can move around them like a traditional dungeon crawler. The plot is a little confusing at the moment (as it’s just the first 30 mins of the game), but it appears to revolve around a viral outbreak and a freaky demon that preys on your insecurities.

It’s quite a slow burn initially, but once the demon shows up things kick up a gear (the reveal of the demon is particularly impressive), and things start to get really strange. It’s still lacking some audio and polish, but the visual design is incredible and the story is very intriguing. Highly recommended.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download This House is Not a Home Alpha Demo Here (Windows)