This Is Your Life Now – Game Jam Build

This Is Your Life Now is an interesting little game where you go through your entire life in just five minutes, making choices that follow you like little companions as you go.

There are many important choices that we make during life and This Is Your Life Now visualises these choices by turning them into little characters that you can befriend on a five minute journey from birth to death. You make your journey by walking from left to right through four different areas that represent childhood, adolescence, adulthood and old age.

Along the way you’ll meet characters at the side of the road that you can choose to befriend or leave behind. Each of these characters represents an important aspect of your life, such as siblings, friends, your first love and buying a house. As in life you can’t have it all though, so befriending certain aspects of your life will force you to give up others – such as having a sibling will cause you to give up your toys or buying an expensive car may cost you your partner.

It’s a great little game with a charming visual style and some clever gameplay that makes a great streamlined representation of the various important choices we make and how they affect our lives. How will you live your life?

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download or Play This Is Your Life Now Here (Windows, Mac & Browser)