Three Minutes To Eight – Beta Demo

Three Minutes To Eight is a mind-blowing pixel art point and click adventure where you’re trapped in a 24 minute loop that ends in your certain death.

In Three Minutes To Eight you wake up in your apartment with a foggy memory and a hankering for some food. You can order some food from a takeaway, but it’s unlikely you’ll ever get to eat it because in 24 minutes you’ll be dead.

When you die the loop starts again, but there are some strange discrepancies – furnishings may change, the weather may be different and even people can change. Something is very wrong here and you’ll need to investigate to find out more and hopefully escape the never-ending loop.

The current demo doesn’t really have a set ending, but there is a lot to discover (including at least two secret areas). The pixel art and voice acting is excellent and the game takes some very intriguing twists that will really make you question the reality of your character’s world (and the reality of your character!)

Download The Three Minutes To Eight Beta Demo Here (Steam)