Three: Twenty One – Alpha Download


Three: Twenty One (a.k.a. 3:21) is a remarkably tense blend of retro gaming nostalgia, mature storytelling and surreal horror that explores the concept of how real games can become.

Important Note: We highly recommend playing through the Alpha Build before reading on as it contains some exceptional surprises that we’d rather not spoil. (Hint: If you get stuck on the first section, here are some commands that may come in handy – ‘Help’, ‘Look’, ‘Go East’ & ‘Turn On’)

The team behind Three: Twenty One have worked on some exceptional games, including the Scribblenauts series, Drawn to Life and Book of Unwritten Tales 2, but none of them have worked on a game quite like this before (to be honest no-body has). It’s takes a truly unique approach to narrative and storytelling as you play through a series of retro games at a gaming convention and unravel more of its mystery. The games you play are inspired by the Commodore 64 era of gaming, and range from a basic text adventure to a MYST-esque puzzle adventure. As you play these games things change in your surroundings, allowing you to explore more of the strange space and delve deeper into the rabbit hole.

Three: Twenty One is a brave piece of storytelling, with very little in the way of guidance as it asks the player to figure out things for themselves, like a super surreal version of MYST with lots of cool retro video games. Although it stays clear of cheap jump scares, it’s a very intense experience from start to finish, with creepy audio design and unsettling atmosphere that really sets you on edge.

We really can’t wait to see more of Three: Twenty One as the Alpha Build is a riveting experience from start to finish, with lots of inventive gameplay, surreal sights and a tense atmosphere. Very highly recommended.

Note: Upon release Three: Twenty One will be 100% free for all to play, with players able to donate money in-game to the Winston’s Wish charity (a UK based charity that supports bereaved children)

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