Through the Valley of the Drifters – Game Jam Build Download

through the valley of the drifters

Through The Valley of the Drifters, a short and stylish western shooter made for The Mystic Western Game Jam, has you waking up in a strange desert full of skeleton-headed enemies.

You wake up in the middle of a desert, with an odd character with an animal skull head looking out for you. This character explains that you have been out for a while and that they weren’t sure if you were going to wake up. But, now that you have, you must know that there are other skeleton-headed people who are not like this guardian. These people do not like strangers in their desert and will not allow you to pass.

In order to make it back home, you must cross the desert and get to a black monolith in the rocks. These strange enemies will pop up from the sand and ambush you on your journey so you have to be careful, especially as your weapon takes a little time to reload.

The slow paced gunplay isn’t the most engaging, but the sense of style and atmosphere is excellent as you make your way through the game’s strange desert.  A super cool sand and skull-filled adventure.

Download Through the Valley of the Drifters Here (Win & Mac)