Through The Woods – Alpha Demo

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Through the Woods is a creepy psychological horror adventure set in Norway and influenced by Norse mythology, in which you find out just how far a mother would go to save her son.

Utilising dynamic storytelling techniques, you play a mother, re-counting the important events surrounding the disappearance of her son Fillip.  You follow a trail of reflectors that your son has left through the woods, searching and hoping that he is ok.

There’s a great sense of tension and claustrophobia as you walk through the woods, with your flashlight the only thing that can cut through he oppressive darkness.  This flashlight makes shadows dance around you, playing tricks on your eyes as you think you see movements in the shadows.  This would be ok if it weren’t for the fact that there really are things out there in the shadows, some of them very big indeed.

It’s a well crafted that doesn’t rely on jump scares and cheap tricks, preferring to focus on real storytelling and building atmosphere.  Through the Woods feels a little like Dear Esther, but far more sinister and a real sense of danger – if you go through the woods today you’re sure of a big surprise…

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UPDATE: Demo Build No Longer Available