Throw Away Game: GOTY Edition – Game Jam Build

Throw Away Game: GOTY Edition is a super silly little first person throw ‘em up in which you can’t shoot guns because the mob have cut off your trigger fingers, but you can pick up and throw anything you can get your hands on!

In Throw Away Game: GOTY Edition you take on the role of a lone hero who must escape from a building that’s crawling with mobsters. They’ve been silly enough to lock you in a room with a gun, but they’ve also chopped off your trigger fingers so you can’t shoot it. Thankfully though, you can still pick things up and throw them, smashing your way through doors and knocking out the mobsters in the process.

There’s a nice selection of items you can pick up and throw as you make your escape, including guns, grenades, hats, chairs and TVs. The most satisfying thing to throw are the mobsters themselves though, with you able to pick them up and throw their ragdolling bodies at other mobsters.

It’s pretty rough around the edges and it could really do with a checkpoint before the final showdown as you can instantly die and get sent right back to the start of the game, but it’s a great little game that’s perfect for a little ragdoll flinging fun. See how much carnage you can cause with no trigger fingers!

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download Throw Away Game: GOTY Edition Here (Windows)