Thunder Tier One – Open Beta

Thunder Tier One is a real-time tactical shooter where you take control of a tier one operator and complete covert military operations.

Playable in single-player or in a variety of online multiplayer modes, Thunder Tier One is a top-down military shooter that feels a little like a top-down version of CoD or Siege. Before each mission you can choose your loadout, then you’re given a briefing and then you set out on a scenario with your team. The action is fast paced, but also satisfyingly tactical, with you able to use cover and approach the target from different directions.

The main element of Thunder Tier One is the multiplayer modes though, with you able to tackle terrorists in 4 player co-op missions and take part in the Deathmatch and Advance & Secure PvP modes. Teamwork is key to success and the top-down view makes coordination a lot easier than in a first person shooter.

It’s an impressive game with high quality visuals and fast paced and easily accessible tactical military combat. Join now to bring the thunder!

Download the Thunder Tier One Open Beta Here (Select “Request Access”)

Special thanks to @SenelBerke for the heads up about this Beta!