Thy Sword – Alpha Demo

Thy Sword game

Thy Sword is a very cool roguelite RPG action platformer that draws inspiration from Norse mythology, Conan the Barbarian and Golden Axe, that sees you embarking on an epic quest through deadly procedurally generated levels, packed with deadly enemies and a challenging old school difficulty level.

In your first run through Thy Sword you probably won’t last long – health in in short supply and enemies will punish you for your mistakes.  Although the gameplay is significantly different, it feels fondly reminiscent of Spellunky – with it’s procedurally generated levels, addictive action platforming gameplay and punishing difficulty levels.

As you hack and slash your way through the levels you’ll gather loot that can be used for gambling or to purchasing weaponry and items from merchants you’ll encounter periodically. If you don’t fancy going solo, there’s also a multiplayer option that allows players to team up against the monsters that roam the land.

It’s still early in development but the Thy Sword Alpha Demo really wets the appetite for future releases – a challenging pixel art action platformer with great pixel art animation, an excellent soundtrack and addictive ‘one more go’ gameplay. Draw your sword and embark on this epic old school hack and slash adventure!

Check Out the Thy Sword Greenlight Page Here

Download The Thy Sword Alpha Demo Here