Thymesia – Beta Demo

Thymesia is a brutally tough soulsborne action RPG adventure where you travel through your memories in a disease-riddled dark fantasy world.

In Thymesia you take on the role of a skilled warrior called Corvus who may hold the key to driving back the disease, pestilence and monsters that are plaguing the land. The only problem is aht Corvus has lost his memory, so must now venture into them (a little like in the Assassin’s Creed games), and rediscover his memories. Along the way he’ll harness the power of the plague as he battles the monsters and powerful bosses that roam the land.

The Thymesia demo build is fairly short but also very hard so it will likely take at least an hour to beat. It’s currently much harder than the likes of Bloodborne and feels a little unfair at times (some of the parrying and dodging timings could do with being optimised). It shows a lot of promise though and the combat system is very engaging. Interestingly, all the enemies regenerate their health if you don’t attack them for a few seconds, so you have to be quite tactical in keeping up a steady stream of attacks and using your claws to reduce their max HP.

If the devs can get the parrying and dodging timings to be a little more forgiving then Thymesia could be a fantastic addition to the soulsborne genre (especially when more upgrades and weapons are unlocked). The combat is fast and fluid, but still very tactical and the plague infested world is an interesting place to explore. Definitely worth checking out if you fancy a soulsborne game with plenty of challenge.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Thymesia Beta Demo Here (Steam)