.Tick – Beta Download

.Tick is a stylish and surprisingly tough physics based Sci-Fi puzzle platformer where different colored surfaces have different properties and you have to make two characters navigate the same area but with each one being subject to opposing gravities.

In .Tick you control a little crystalline tick that must make its way through a labyrinthine network of caverns. It’s controlled entirely with the mouse, with you simply pointing the mouse in a direction and pressing the left mouse button to jump. Different colored structures react differently to you – so you’ll stick to grey surfaces, bounce off blue ones, slide along green surfaces and be able to physically move red objects. This can make traversing the environment quite tricky, but the real challenge comes when you enter the various puzzle rooms…

To unlock doors in .Tick you have to solve challenging self contained puzzle rooms where you don’t just control your normal white tick, but you control a little red one too. You make the little red tick move using the right mouse button, but rather than jumping towards your pointer it jumps towards wherever your white tick is located. You need to guide the red tick to a specific area in each room, which can be quite tricky as the red tick is subject to a totally opposite gravitational pull than the white one.

At the moment .Tick can get incredibly frustrating as one wrong jump can undo minutes of painstaking precision platforming. The puzzle design is great though so perhaps the ability to rewind time and undo your last moves would be the best way to address this. It’s got a striking visual style and it can be fun trying to wrap your head around how the gravity will affect the red and white ticks. A tricky tick platformer that will tick you off but has a lot of potential.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The .Tick Beta Here (Windows)