Tiger Knight – Open Beta

Tiger Knight is an impressive multiplayer action strategy game that pits generals against each other in massive military battles set in 200 BC China.

Tiger Knight plays like a more tactical version of Dynasty Warriors with a Mount and Blade style of combat. It allows you to take control of three of the most powerful armies in Chinese history across three different game modes – Command Mode, Duel Mode and Epic War. Command Mode pits up to 14 players against each other, with each player controlling a general with up to 40 soldiers surrounding them. Duel Mode features up to 16v16 battles with just generals and no soldiers, while Epic War sees players working together as a team against AI in recreations of famous battles from the Three Kingdom Period.

Tiger Knight isn’t a new game, but it has just re-released in Early Access in Steam due to the fact that it has changed to a new and better publisher (who is also the developer). It’s been hugely popular in China and now that the developer is publishing the game it should find the player base it deserves over here too (updates took months under the last publisher).

The combat does feel a little shallow initially, but it’s actually quite tactical once you get used to it. There’s a nice selection of game modes (including sub game modes), there’s lots of weaponry to unlock and the scale of the battles is very impressive.  Well worth checking out for some large scale battles with a health dose of strategy.

Download The Tiger Knight Beta Here (Steam)