‘Til Cows Tear us Apart – Game Jam Build Download

til cows tear us apart

‘Til Cows Tear us Apart, a charming and funny pixel art road trip made for the Space Cowboy Jam, has you smuggling cows across intergalactic boarders with your alien girlfriend.

You are a criminal – a robber of banks and smuggler of cows. These cows were stolen for a powerful rancher named Kasper. Cows are worth quite a bit in other galaxies, though their use is VERY different from the use they have on Earth. You and your not-so-criminal girlfriend are trying to make it to the planet Truxton with the most amount of cows possible. The only issues is, cows are both illegal and valuable. There are customs, stops, and space pirates looking to take away your precious cows!

As you fly through space, you will have to make decisions based on how you will get through borders, take breaks, and deal with bounty hunters. These decisions can cause you to lose both lives and cows, but above all you must stay alive. While traveling around, you will be able to listen to a variety of music from the space radio and enjoy the company of your telepathic girlfriend. Keep as many cows as you can and meet lots of strange travellers in this galaxy.

With seven great chapters and five possible endings, ‘Til Cows Tear us Apart is a wonderful little space adventure, filled with odd funny characters, silly situations and great humor.  Enjoy the music, smuggle some cows, and have a fantastic journey with the person you love!

Download ‘Til  Cows Tear us Apart Here (Win Only)