Tile Travel – Tech Demo

Tile Travel is an inventive puzzle platformer where the gameplay switches between 2D top-down and 2D side-scrolling perspectives in a 3D environment.

In Tile Travel you control an unknown female protagonist with a big axe as she traverses labyrinthine environments. You start the game viewed from a 2D side-on perspective and jump across some boats at an old dock, but when you jump down onto the ground then the viewpoint miraculously flips 90 degrees to a top-down viewpoint. Things then get even crazier when you encounter parts of the level that are imprinted onto 3D cylindrical objects and cubes.

The puzzles in Tile Travel are a little simple and the wandering through mazes can get a little repetitive, but it’s a very clever core concept that has a lot of potential. It’s fondly reminiscent of the 2D sections of Mario Odyssey, but expanded on in some very creative ways. It’ll be interesting to see how the dev expands on it in the future.

Download The Tile Travel Tech Demo Here (Windows)